Shopping Notice


Account registration is required before shopping on Dawnray Tech’s E-commerce platform. You may start from here.

Fill the username and email address. Make sure the mail is correct, it will be used as verification and password setting.

Check the mailbox you filled, a mail is sent to you for password setting.

Fill your password and re-enter it for verification. Never be frustrated with remembering username and password, you may take them back at any time by email address.

You will see the password change successfully message on My ACCOUNT page and a notice mail to you.

Account registration done. Enjoy your shopping.


Login is required for checkout on Dawnray Tech’s E-commerce platform. You may start from here.

Fill in username/email address and password to login.

If you forgot your username/password, click the link “Lost your passord?”.

Input your email.

The platform will send you a mail to reset password.

Login with the correct username/email and password and you will be taken to the My Account dashboard. Before starting to shop, we recommend completing your account data. see tab ACCOUNT.


On the account dashboard you can find your order history, PayPal history, account data for shipping and delivery.


On the tab ORDERS you may see all order records and their details.


Addresses are important for shipping and delivery. Please fill in your address in billing address. If your shipping address is different from your billing address, please fill in that as well.


Please fill in your name, it will be used on all shipping and delivery documents.

You may change your data and password here.


A wishlist is used to create personalized collections. You can save them in your account for future reference.


All prices listed on DAWNRAY TECH’s E-commerce platform are in US Dollars (USD).

Duties and Texes

All prices listed on DAWNRAY TECH’s E-commerce platform are in terms of EXW (Ex Works).

Customers are responsible for paying all shipping charges, duties, import taxes and any other charges caused by customs clearance.

Please contact DAWNRAY TECH Customer Support Team if you need any support/paperwork with customs declarations in your country.

Shipping and Delivery

Free Shipping

Orders of US$1000 or more, you can enjoy FREE SHIPPING service.

Shipping Charges

All our listed prices are in terms of EXW (Ex Works), a shipping fee will be charged if not qualified for free shipping service. There are two options:

  • Use your own DHL/FedEx/UPS freight carrier account. Please fill in the account information in the Order Notes during checkout.
  • Select one of the auto-calculated freight rates from our platform during checkout. The exact cost depends on the destination address in MY ACCOUNT you provided.

Payment Method

Payment can be made via bank transfer or PayPal gateway. Paypal processing fee will be charged to you.

Bank Transfer PayPal
Processing fee 0% 7.3%


Please refer to our Warranty Policy.

Returns and refunds

Please refer to our Returns and Refunds Policy.