Dawnray Tech is a professional supplier of high-speed interconnection solutions that include transceiver modules, direct attach cables DACs and active optical cables AOCs. Our solid support through continuous technological innovation and perfect services meets the needs of network transmission, data storage, high-speed computing, artificial intelligence, big data, Internet of Things, security surveillance, industrial control, 5G mobile communication base stations and high-definition audio and video applications in many fields.

Why Dawnray


Founded in 2011, we have grown each year with the support of our clients. We continue to build partnerships with a variety of entities, including government, banks, hospitals, academia, military, large corporations, and small businesses.


To be a recognized, trustworthy, one-stop-shop source of high-quality high speed interconnection including Direct Attach Cables (DAC), Active Optical Cables (AOC), Optical Transceivers (TRX) that cover all form factors and data rate up to date.


Transform the solution where people live and interconnect, through innovative products that deliver and manage information. We do this by relentlessly pursuing both sustainable business practices and the creation of exceptional experiences through the products we design and manufacture, the relationships we build and the way we work.